RidgeTec Vista

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Made Tough with Super Sensing Abilities

 A strongly built motion camera with superior sensitivity, big black flash capabilities, and ultra long battery life (up to 12 months on stand-by).


The new RidgeTec Vista feels tough in your hand as soon as you pick it up. From the press of the buttons, to the latch, and then to the battery compartment, it has all the hallmarks of quality.  When you put it out and give it a run (especially next to a different model of camera) you then really see how the new RidgeTec PIR sensor does actually pick up so much more.

The sensor in this model is based upon a manual switch not just camera software so it is much more adjustable than what is offered in other camera models.  Higher highs and lower lows.  In all it allows you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Other features include Black Flash (no glow LEDs, incredibly long battery life (10000 images from 12 AA lithium batteries) and excellent weatherproofing.  Night time image quality and video is up there with the best available from a motion camera.  This is due to the large infra-red LED array (54 LED’s).  The day time images are as good as you will see from any model of motion camera. 

  •          Battery life is exceptional running for up to 12 months in stand-by on just a set of AA batteries. 
  •          They are a black flash infra-red camera so there is no visible infra-red lights like standard infra-red cameras have.
  •          Multi-zone PIR detection - 20m plus.
  •          They have a built in large 2.4 inch screen to playback images & video on and to set the camera up.
  •          They are easy to install - no wiring installation is required.  They can be wall mounted or placed hidden on shelves, even hidden outside in trees or logs (they are weatherproof).



Dimensions: 10.16cm x 15cm x 5.58cm

Batteries : 12 AA batteries – lithium or NiMh rechargeables.   Low power consumption, standby battery lifetime up to 12 months.  

DC port:  9V or 12V available – can have 240V inserted when used with the correct power accessories.

SD card: Standard SD card up to 32GB

Viewing Screen:  Built in 2.4 inch LCD viewing screen.  Playback of images and video with sound.

Menu: Easy to use on screen menu system.

Duty: 24 hour duty time scheduling – means camera does not need to be operating 24 hours a day if not required.

Time Stamp: Date, Time, Temperature & Moon Phase image stamp

Photo resolution: 12MP,8MP, 6MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP (programmable) -Colour daytime and black & white night time pictures

Trigger Time: 1 second

Photo burst: 1-5 photos per trigger (programmable)

Time Lapse: 10 seconds to 30 seconds

Lens: FOV = 52 degrees

Video resolution: HD 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480 VGA with sound.

Video length: 5-60 sec

Infra-red Emitters: 54 No Glow Black Flash infrared LEDs

Multi-zone PIR detection range: 20 metres plus

Sensitivity: High, Normal, and Low sensitivity settings on a manual switch

Security:4 digit password protection