Swift 3C

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Made Tough with Super Sensing Abilities

 A strongly built motion camera with superior sensitivity, big black flash capabilities, and ultra long battery life (up to 12 months on stand-by).


The Swift 3C camera has been a great eye opener to us.  It really is fast.  It has a 0.35 second reaction time!  This makes it great for wildlife or even picking up vehicles. In our trials we found it picked up two to four times as many animals as other cameras worth more than twice as much. This is not just due to its speed but also its sensitivity.  They rarely miss anything.  They can pick up movement beyond 20 metres although we recommend that they be set up to capture action within 20 metres for best results.

Just like our other camera models they take great quality images (up to 12MP).  They also do HD video.  The night time image quality is another great feature of this camera.  It is bright and clear and all done with an invisible black flash.  They have a minimum blur setting which helps them to record more crisp night time images.  They come with a built in colour viewing screen which can also play back videos with sound.

We have found them to be a reliable little unit and this is backed up by a 2 year warranty. This would have to be one of the best value cameras we sell.

Due to their sensitivity they are better used in areas that would not have vegetation moving around within 10m infront of the cameras.  Sheds, shipping containers and more urban environments are ideal locations for this model.

Standard Angle or Wide Angle

The Swift 3C comes in either a standard angle (50 degree field of view) or wide angle model which has a 100 degree field of view.  The standard angle model is better for photographing objects at more than 6 metres from the camera.  If you are wanting to photograph in closer confines then the wide angle model would be a better choice.  We have some images further down on this screen depicting the difference in view between the two model options.



    • 0.35 second trigger speed
    • 12MP/1080P@30fps
    • 56 piece invisible infra-red flash - 15m night time vision distance
    • Time lapse function
    • Minimum blur night time function - clearer night shots
    • Duty time setting
    • Records audio with video
    • Date/time stamp on all images
    • Optional 50 degree field of view or 100 degree field of view
    • 2 year warranty