Swift Enduro Package

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Supplied with 12 X Duracell AA Alkaline Lithium Batteries and 16 GB SD Card. The pack has everything you need to get started.


Engineered to go the distance, the new Enduro features an ultra-long battery life combined with the speedy 0.35-second trigger time of our high performance Swift models. A refined motion sensor (giving you less non-target images and more action shots) and larger battery capacity means this endurance camera can film for months at a time. The Enduro’s dual Black Flash IR arrays are unseen as they produce enough infrared light to capture action clearly up to 10 metres away – in the dark (we have been able to identify animals out to 25m at night) . All this housed within a tough, weatherproof clamshell case with a built-in viewing screen for easy access.  Great for wildlife and security applications.


  • 0.35 second trigger speed
  • More action, less non-target PIR motion sensor
  • Large battery capacity for longer life -12 AA batteries.
  • No need for wires
  • Takes Up to a 32Gb SD card
  • 58pcs black flash Infra-Red LEDs, offering 15 metres real night vision distance
  • Video - 12MP/ 1080P@30FPS; Full HD Video
  • Photo - Programmable 5/8/12 Megapixel highquality
  • resolution
  • Built-in 2.0” TFT colour screen
  • Weather-proof IP54
  • Duty Time setting
  • Adjustable PIR sensitivity
  • Time Lapse function
  • Multi-shot (1~5 photos per trigger) programmable
  • delay between images.
  • Timer, TV out, stamp of (camera ID, date/time,
  • temperature, moon phase) on every single photo
  • Records audio in video mode
  • Field of View 52° lens and 52° PIR angle
  • Dimensions 148mm x 117mm x 80mm

How is this camera different to the Swift 3C?

They are very similar cameras with some small differences that can mean a lot.  If you are wanting to use the camera in a vegetated area like bushland or areas with lots of long grass then the Enduro would be a much more appropriate model to use rather than the Swift 3C.  It is less senstitive and so wont take as many images of vegetation moving in the wind during the heat of the day.  Because it is less sensitive though it wont pick up things as far away as the Swift 3C will.  Sensitivity is always a trade off between picking up more action at a distance and getting thousands of unwanted images of grass blowing around.  The Enduro sensitivity in areas with plants would be a lot more acceptable than the Swift 3C. 
The Enduro has a clamshell style case rather than the clip on style back of the Swift 3C.  This does make it feel like a more solid robust camera.  It is also better for camera security (there is also room for a padlock on the camera case). There are 12 batteries in the Enduro rather than the 8 batteries of the Swift 3C so battery life is 30% longer than in the Swift 3C.   It does also have a slightly brighter night time image due to an extra 2 LED's, however if you are good enough to notice this then you are quite extceptional.
The Enduro is not available in the wide angle lens like the Swift 3C is though.  It only comes in the 52 degree field of view model. 
All in all though it comes down to whether you need a really sensitive camera (if so get the Swift 3C). Whether you like clamshell style cases or if you need the longer battery life.  The other camera features such as speed and image qulaity are identical.