Yale Document Fire Safe Extra Large

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All Yale Fire Safes are equipped with a unique digital security keypad unlike any other on the market today. A scramble number input enables personal codes to be hidden within longer sequences of numbers, whilst additional access codes can be set for one time use, ensuring privacy no matter who is in the room when accessing your safe.

Protects passports and other precious paper documents from fire.

firerated-icon 1 hour fire protection for documents. The internal temperature will not exceed 150ºC in 927ºC furnace.


  • Fire rated document safe.
  • Unique touchpad technology.
  • 1 billion + digital user code.
  • Code scramble input function for privacy.
  • One time access codes.
  • Silent input option.
  • 1-48 hours total lock-down mode.
  • Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts.
  • Re-settable 4-12 digital user code.
  • Low battery alarm signal.
  • Emergency battery capability using 9volt battery.
  • Tested to withstand up to one hour of intense fire.
  • 16mm steel locking bolts.
  • Epoxy sealed shell of galvanised steel, gives double rust protection.
  • Hinges protected with 18mm steel dog-bolts.
  • Exterior dimensions 420mm (H) x 352mm (W) x 433mm (D)
  • Interior dimensions 320mm (H) x 260mm (W) x 304mm (D)
  • Weight 36kg, volume 25.3 litres.
  • Protects passports and other precious paper documents from fire.
  • 1 hour fire protection for documents.
  • Certified by SP (Swedish National Testing & Research) and KS (Korea Standard).
  • Heavy duty box packaging.